At HumanImpact5 – HI5, we believe that our work contributes to a greater social good. 

Our non-profit work through the HumanImpact5 – HI5 Association reflects the causes and projects that we drive, support, or create ourselves.

Contributing to greater human and social impact, the HumanImpact5 – Hi5 Association promotes, convenes, raises awareness, educates, advocates, and mobilizes young and seasoned professionals and organizations within the public and private sectors.

We strive at greater adherence to better policies, practices, processes, research, and programme implementation in the fields of gender equality; diversity and inclusion; healthy workplaces and benevolent leadership; safeguarding; sustainable development and migration; and global health.

Our flagship project is the hosting of Women in Global Health Switzerland.


HumanImpact5 – HI5 Association is a proud member of Medicus Mundi Switzerland.

Women in Global Health Switzerland is a national chapter of our partner Women in Global Health.