Vision, Mission, and Values

Our mission is to contribute to human and social impact, by both what gets done and how it gets done – we support our partners to walk the talk. 

HumanImpact5 – HI5 is a Swiss-based Limited Liability Company (LLC) and association. HI5 offers bespoke services, tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

HI5 offers strategic support, facilitates policy and business processes, and conducts analysis and research. Intervening at any stage of a project cycle, we focus on bringing ideas into concrete and measurable action. Our work spans across 5 types of services and 5 thematic areas that support our mission, and those of our clients and partners.

The way we work is generally through consultancy, either through long-term commitment or through time-limited, project-based activities accompanying our partners towards greater social and human impact.


The HI5 team and our associated colleagues share the values of integrity, respect, responsibility, transparency and open exchange. We believe in hard work and the power of humour!